Five clubs of 2 countries organized vintage with the blind

Tokaj wine region served as the home for a special event.
In Hungary according to the official registry more than 40 000 people live with serioous eyesight injuries but together with sight -impaired people the number of sight-demaged individuals is thee times more.

In hounour of white stick day one of the oldest Lions club of Hungary organized a parcicular event.

In "Disznőkő" wincellar of Tokaj wine region that belongs to world Heritage, the vintage was organized for 25 blind and sight-impaired participants.

With the help of Lions members the blind could easily cut grapes. From the enthusiasically gathered grapes the winery is going to prepare special wine.

Labels of wine bottles will be designed by children who have undergone long hospital treatment and the bottles will be sold at a charity aouction by the club.

From the profit the 1st Miskolc LC will finance those blind and sight-impaired people who had worked at vintage and buy every day tools for them in order to provide thir daily well-being.

Another significantce of this vintage was that it also gave a place for an international tegional lions meeting.

Members of 5 lions club participiated in the vintage and helped by the grape wines. László Magyar D-119 gorcenor, along with the vice gerovenor of D-122 that includes Slovakia, and Czech Replublic took part in this event.