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The First Miskolc Lions Club was established after the changing of the regime in the early 1990s, as one of the first Lions Clubs in Central Europe. Our sponsor club is the Finnish Vammala Lions Club. Our community is unique, as only gentlemen form its membership since 1991.

The number of our members is continuously over 20 people, serving the needy in Miskolc.

As a result of a conscious renewal process, the First Miskolc Club has delegated Mr Zsolt ISTVÁN, - one of the youngest Hungarian in the history of Lions Clubs in Hungary - to become the governor in the federal work.


The press functions and the 2nd vice governor are also carried out by our club members. Our community has already received several awards. In 2009, the city of Miskolc bestowed our organization "For the support of Civilians". In 2010 and in 2015 we earned the “Lions Club of the Year” and in 2014 the “Best Lions Club in Eastern Hungary”.



In line with the Lions tradition, we participated in the formation of several Hungarian Lions Clubs as sponsors. Our Goodwill policy is to only support such goals, which help communities. In the past 24 years our Club participated in the implementation of more than one hundred Goodwill Events.
Some important activities and events:

  • Christmas gifts for visually impaired children, 
  • Purchasing respiratory equipment for the emergency vehicle of prematurely born children, 
  • Donation for schools of West-Africa (Gambia),
  • Screening day for the visually impaired, 
  • Support the training of guide dogs,
  • Acquisition computers and software for the visually impaired,
  • Installation of traffic lights with sound signalling device,
  • Supporting school / kindergarten of Down syndrome and autistic children, 
  • Joint program for schools in hospitals


Vision screening in poor villages

Joint program for schools in hospitals

Supporting school of Down-syndrome and autistic children 

Christmas fundrising

Donation for West-African schools in Gambia

"Invisible" dinner and sensitivity training

Sponsoration of the Association of Blinds

Partnership and cooperation in education of blinds

guiding dogs 

Fundrising for a special breathing
machine of children ambulance

One of our most well-known programs, "Grape harvesting for the visually impaired" was organized in the fall of 2013 for the first time, where we had the opportunity to spend a day of grape harvesting with our visually impaired friends. (Click on the photo for the article of the event!)





Furthermore, our club members provide own contributions too, such as charity concerts, events, goodwill events at Advent, private donations by companies to help the needy.

Next year, the First Miskolc Lions Club will celebrate its 25th anniversary of charter night for which event we are preparing with special festive and goodwill programs.


Our members


Imre Ádám
dr. Norbert Babcsán
Péter Balabán
dr. László Balla
dr. István Barkóczi
dr. Péter Barkóczy
Tamás Bihall (president 2015/16)
dr. Imre Dimény (vice president)
Dezső Dánfi
Géza Fuhrmann
Attila Falucskai (secretary)
György Grósz
dr. László Hajdú
József Hajnal 
dr. Gyula Halmai
Szabolcs Iglay
Zsolt István (Governor of D-119)

dr. András Kigyóssy
László Kiss
Péter Koleszár (2nd Vice governor of D-119)
Bertalan Kovács
László Mészáros
Gábor Nagy
dr. Attila Nyíry (treasurer)
Gergely Soós
dr. Viktor Stipta
dr. Sándor Tiba
Zoltán Tóth
Zoltán Török
István Varga
László Varga
János Vinnai
Vilmos Zarándy




Our charter members


dr. Gábor Bajáky
dr. István Barkóczi
Dezső Bekes
Tamás Bihall
Csaba Bodonyi
dr. Gyula Bognár
József Breitenbach †
Dr. István Csabalik
János Dézsi
Imre Dienes †
István Fülöp
György Grósz
István Karvajszky †
István Kelemen †

dr. András Kigyóssy
dr. Vilmos Kormos
dr. Pál Kottek †
dr. Árpád Lakatos †
József Lihi
György Molnár
László Nagy
Ágoston Paulovits †
Péter Puskás
Dr. Sándor Sarkadi
Zalán Szebeni †
dr. László Tornay
dr. László Újszászy †
Ferenc Zámborszki